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I love my asshole friends.

I love my asshole friends.

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Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto

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My world is so small now. It’s compact, and, somehow, grossly complicated. This, I think, was the cost of trying to escape my depression without owning up to the causes. It is a great and horrible mistake that I have made. When I was down, my world was a sprawl of beautiful gray, at the worst, and a pure white room with Judd’s work on the wall, at the best. Now its a oiled machine part. A life-sized, mock up of something nature made. Now the light of it all is leaving far away, and I’ll have to learn to see in the dark.

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If the Avengers had pokemons

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Mildhorror, , and heirophage, I am working on those requests. I should hopefully have atleast one of them done today… hopefully.

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The song recounts a specific sexual assault (“One of the most shattering experiences of my life,” Grimes, who was born in Vancouver as Claire Boucher, told SPIN in 2012) by describing the psychic fallout: “And never walk about after dark/ It’s my point of view/ Because someone could break your neck/ Coming up behind you always coming and you’d never have a clue,” she lisps in her high, pinched voice. It’s a dazzling, paralyzing performance, in part because Boucher sounds almost playful, and in part because the skronking behind her—the song’s springy, propulsive synth line was one of 2012’s most unforgettable—indicates something other than victimization. “See you on a dark night,” Boucher repeats. […] But what “Oblivion” ultimately offers is victory. It’s the sound of one woman turning personal devastation into not just a career-making single, but a lasting anthem of transformation.

Grimes’ Oblivion is the best song of the decade - so far.

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I remember when the beats sounded sweet. Now they just sound desperate. They sound like how desperate we feel about our situation. In school they talk about the jobs of the future. At work they talk about the old jobs and how we worked harder then. At home they talk about going out. Outside we talk about going home. No one is content but, no one is changing; not by choice.

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If you don’t know FonoGraFF, you don’t know electroswing. Discovered his beautiful sounds a few weeks back, and I must say, he’s at the top of my set lists every time.

For more electroswing, follow me on Soundcloud › https://soundcloud.com/fonograff/fonograff-baby

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Madeline Kahn ad-libbed the short monologue about her hatred for Yvette the French maid. 

Clue (1985)

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M.I.A. writing her album “Arular” - 2004 


M.I.A. writing her album “Arular” - 2004 

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Grimes in a heated argument with Joanna Newsom


Grimes in a heated argument with Joanna Newsom

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